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Registration forms are now available for the 2018-19 Preschool Year.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM (Waitlist avail. Fall 2018) OR PM (Spaces avail. Fall 2018)
9:00am - 11:15am OR 1:00pm - 3:15pm

Cost: $1060

Please print and/or read the following documents relating to our program:

Four's Registration, Student Profile, Medical Form and Fundraising Information

Curriculum Statement

Parents Testimonial

Preschool Fees Refund Policy

General registration information for Fall 2018 Preschool


FROM JEN & SCOTT... "We would, and do, recommend Tuxedo Preschool to everyone we talk to. Our boys (now 3 & 4), both attended since 2 years of age. We tried other facilities before tuxedo and it was heartbreaking. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, our oldest would start crying. However, on day one at Tuxedo Preschool it was different. He was happy. He didn't want to come home. He was excited to go "to school". I feel as though the teachers at Tuxedo Preschool truly care about my children like they are their own. On top of all the learning opportunities they provided, the school also gave them numerous outings we wouldn't have otherwise thought of exploring. The only tears shed about Tuxedo Preschool, are from my oldest because he's finished there and trying to adjust to the fact there's a new chapter among us."

How does our Preschool prepare your four year old for Kindergarten?

This is a common question for our Early Childhood Educators from the parents and caregivers of children attending the four year old program at Tuxedo Community Centre Preschool. Children who attend our program come from all over south Winnipeg including River Heights, Lindenwoods, Charleswood, White Ridge, St. James and Tuxedo. From preschool they continue on to attend a variety of public and private schools and we often get feedback from families stating that their child was well prepared for their transition into Kindergarten. For families applying to private schools our Director, Liz Dryden, can provide you with a an entrance letter for your child which is often required with your application. We can also provide family references of 'graduates' that are now attending private schools. Please read the attached February newsletter sent to parents of our preschool which further explains some specifics regarding 'Kindergarten readiness' and how Miss Liz and Miss Connie integrate those necessary skills into their program.

Healthy Child Manitoba has a parent guide: 'Getting Ready for School: A Parent's Guide to helping children learn'. Talk to us about your child's specific needs might be and how we can help.

Preschool Outside

The Tuxedo Preschool four year old program is taught by Liz Dryden. Liz has many years experience working with preschool children. As a qualified early childhood educator, Liz is aware of the importance of planning programs that offer a hands-on approach to learning that embraces the natural curiosity in children. Her ability to work with each child to develop their sense of self-worth and self-respect integrates well with the philosophy that has developed over the years at the Tuxedo Community Centre Preschool. Liz will lead the program each Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning and afternoon. In general, the program is theme based and offers children a variety of activities from all preschool curriculum areas. These activities allow children to develop at their own pace while becoming prepared for the start of kindergarten. Some theme related field trips are planned during the year to compliment themes. The children will have opportunity to enjoy the fenced in Little Tykes play structure, weather permitting. Each day Liz is assisted by another experienced teacher and a parent volunteer. Parents are asked to volunteer a few times throughout the year. The Preschool welcomes Parent involvement through its daily sign up requests for parent volunteers and the 2-3 field trips they take throughout the 34 week program.

Your child must be four by the end of the registration year. Children must be toilet trained.

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