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Preschool Outside

Parent Participation Tuesdays
9:15am - 10:45am
Cost: $350
Parent Participation Wednesdays
9:15am - 10:45am
Cost: $350
First Separated Experience Fridays
9:15am - 10:45am
Cost: $350

Parent Participation - Tuesday or Wednesday

Come and enjoy a parent participation program and watch your child learn to play and enjoy others as the year progresses. The class is led by qualified teacher, who will organize weekly themes, crafts and songs for each session. Toys will be rotated throughout the year for exploration during free play time to ensure child has a positive and enjoyable experience. A snack time is also scheduled where the child will be encouraged to join the group and share in a snack that is prepared by a parent volunteer.

Your child must be two by the end of the year registration year.

First Separated Experience - Fridays

While this program offers similar free play, songs, craft time and snacks as the one above, it also introduces your child to his/her first "separated" preschool experience. While the children enjoy the attention of a qualified teacher and assistant, the Moms and Dads enjoy a break and relax in the upstairs boardroom of the Preschool. As a parent, if you are wanted to spend time during the class with your child each week than the Wednesday program might be better suited to your needs. We do ask that the parents remain in the building during the class. Parents are asked to take turns spending an entire class downstairs.

Your child must be two by the end of the registration year.

Two's Registration and Student Profile

Preschool Fees Refund Policy

General registration information for Fall 2018 Preschool


The following comments come from families that recently attended our Two's Program.

FROM LAUREN... "My son and I loved the two year old separation class at Tuxedo Preschool. He had a hard time at first but the teachers helped him acclimate (while also reassuring me!) and he was fine after a couple of weeks. Spending time in the lounge recharging with other parents & caregivers became something I looked forward to every week. We all bonded and our kids are now friends outside of the classroom too. I feel so lucky to have had Tuxedo Preschool recommended to me!"

FROM DESTA... "I am so glad that my toddler's first school experience was a positive one! Tuxedo Preschool was top notch and by far exceeded my expectations. My daughter attended the 2's separation program which was a huge step for both her and myself as a parent. It was her first experience being separated from myself or extended family that regularly cares for her. Right from the start my daughter was excited for school and that excitement lasted the entire year. With such caring and superb teachers it made the separation so much easier and such a great experience even for a child at 2 years of age. Although the program only runs one morning a week, it was always a nice small break where you could talk amongst other moms and socialize on an adult level. I can't say enough positive things about the preschool, the programming, and most of all the exceptional teachers. Those that are considering preschool at 2 years of age should not hesitate and take the plunge into separating yourself from your little one even if it is for a couple hours per week, you won't regret it! :)"

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