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Winter Carnival and Hockey Tournament
January 28, 2019 - February 3, 2019

We are now taking applications for our 5/6 7/8 house league hockey tournament. Download the registration form to register your team.

Need Help With Costs of Hockey? Here Are Some Options To Look Into

Please check out this guide 'Everyone Can Play' for a Complete Guide to all the options available. The following are a few relevant to hockey

  1. JUMPSTART PROGRAM – The General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres and Canadian Tire Jumpstart are working together to offer assistant so your child care participate in programs at your local Community Centre. Applications and information can be found at jumpstart.canadiantire.ca .
  2. General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC) – Community Centre Program Registration Fee Subsidy. This program is designed to assist those children/youth who would not otherwise be able to participate in Community Centre activities. This grant is available to Community Centres. The applications are available through your sport Convenor. See Page 10 of the 'Everyone Can Play' guide for eligibility and application process.
  3. Canadian Tire - The First Shift is designed to provide NEW hockey families with a positive first experience. They have designed a program that is accessible, affordable and fun. Check the following link to register if you are a FIRST TIME HOCKEY PLAYER. http://www.firstshift.ca/the-program/ .

Fall Registration
Hockey Registration Opens August 1


Team Manager Information

Print this file.

Hockey Information

Welcome back to another year of hockey. The APHA website is now updated with all of your hockey information for the 2015-2106 season, all information including fees, volunteer bonds and payment options are included. We encourage you to register as early as possible so we can look at our numbers in each age category. You will also notice that your try out times are already posted for the fall, if you have a concern please contact either the hockey director running your try out or your own, you will find them on our directory or your community clubs. If you are a 5/6 or 7/8 parent that is not trying out for 8A1 then you will be notified by your community club when your IP skates will occur. If you are looking at AA or AAA you need to follow their websites for more info.

Tuxedo House League Introduction Letter

Respect in Sport, Information for Parents, Registration, Fees, Tryouts:

Registration & Payment On Line:

AA Rangers Registration:

Important Information for Tuxedo Hockey Teams

Please read the following letter that outlines new procedures for Tuxedo Hockey Teams. This letter also contains information on setting up a bank account, jersey handling procedures and deposits, Ice Draft, sponsorship rules,jersey management, apparel and sock ordering information Tuxedo Community Centre Hockey Team Letter

Age Advancement

If you are considering requesting age advancement for your child, the deadline for these requests is the last day of registration. Make your intentions known to us in writing. You should know that the decision on whether to age advance a player will be based on whether the player to be advanced is so dominant at their age group that the same aged players would benefit from the said player's advancement. Also it should be noted that the age category the player to be advanced is leaving, would not incur a problem with the number of remaining players that put its viability in jeopardy as a result of the advancement. Just because age advancement is requested is no guarantee that it will be approved. These situations occur very rarely.

Hockey Handbook

The Hockey Handbook produced by TCC (Tuxedo CC), SJFCC (Sir John Franklin CC) and RHCC (River Heights CC), outlines our hockey programs from start to finish with specific details. The handbook is available at registration.

Hockey Programs

The hockey programs offered at Tuxedo CC are Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association (WMHA) programs and therefore, are directed by the WMHA board. The male and female programs are designed for kids of all ages and skill levels. The Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association is broken up into area associations and Tuxedo CC participates in the Assiniboine Park Hockey Association (APHA). The APHA is comprised of 7 Community Centers, from east to west, River Heights (RH), Sir John Franklin (SJF), Tuxedo (Tux), Varsity View (VV), Roblin Park (RP), Westdale (WD) and Phoenix (PH). These 7 Clubs are further broken down into the APHA East comprised of Tux, SJF, and RH, and the APHA West which is comprised of VV, RP, WD and PH.

Children participating in the Novice (8 yrs old) through Juvenile (18 yrs old) programs are participating as members of the APHA. As such the team they play for will be determined by the amalgamations for their age group across the APHA. Because of changing demographics there may be a need at any age group to group players from across the APHA to ensure there are sufficient players for tryouts and team formation. Therefore the community club that you register at is not necessarily the club that will host your child's team. This is quite common at 14 yrs old and up, but can occasionally happen at the younger ages as well.

The Programs are as follows: (Ages are based on the Players age achieved by Dec 31st.)

APHA House League - Ages 8 and Under

Tuxedo participates in an area association House League with five other APHA Community Centers. Each of the Community Centers form teams in two categories; 7 and 8 year olds play in one category. Six year olds and under participate in another category. Each Community Center forms as many teams as possible based on their registration numbers. The season consists of 18 to 20 indoor and outdoor games starting in November and winding up in February. Teams will play 1 or 2 games per week and weather permitting, they will practice once and sometimes twice per week. The 7/8 category completes the season with a double knock out playoff. The league is designed to focus on skill development and participation, NOT competition. Boys and girls are welcome.

The registration fees include a 6- 8 week Initiation Program for all participants. The indoor Initiation Program will be run over about 6 -8 consecutive weekends starting in October prior to the start of the season. The program is geared towards kids of all skill levels. The House League program is a wonderful program for children interested in hockey, so don't hesitate to sign-up and give it a try.

WMHA 'A' Hockey - Ages 8 to 17

Tuxedo Community Center amalgamates with other APHA Centers to form teams in all age and skill categories under the guidelines of the APHA and WMHA. The 3 centers maintain a Hockey Handbook, which is available at the time of registration. The Hockey Handbook explains in detail, responsibilities of convenors, coaches, parents and players. It also describes the unique evaluation process (tryouts) utilized to place each player on teams appropriate to his/her skill level. The 'A' program offers three skill level categories for ages 9 to 17, A1, A2 and A3. The 8 year old program is unique in that it only offers an A1 category. Please review the handbook for specifics on the evaluation process and forward any questions to one of the Tuxedo Hockey Convenors.

The teams are formed at the end of September and beginning of October and the season begins early in November. There are 18 regular season games and a double knock out playoff, which will end in mid to late March. Teams play one or two games per week with at least two practices per week. Teams will also typically participate in 2 or more tournaments during the season, depending on the interests of the coaches, players and parents. Travel within the city is required. Boys and Girls are welcome to register and registration fees will vary by age category. Typically parents will be asked for additional team fees once the teams are formed. The fees go towards socks, name-bars, tournaments and extra practices. The team fees are set out in Tuxedo, River Heights & Sir John Franklin CC's Hockey Handbook. Fundraising is commonly done to offset team fees. Please refer to the Hockey Handbook for details regarding team fees and/or consult with one of the Tuxedo Hockey Convenors.

WMHA Female Hockey - Ages 9 to 18

Female hockey is growing! The team formations and league structure is very similar to the WMHA 'A' Hockey program. Once again Tuxedo amalgamates with other APHA community centers to form teams. Please register your daughter for female hockey on the hockey registration dates. Registration fees vary by age.

APHA Double-A (AA) Rangers - Ages 11 to 17

WMHA offers a 'AA' program, which is a step up from the 'A' program. The APHA form one 'AA' team in each age category from all seven APHA community centers. The 'AA' program still focuses on participation, but is also a highly competitive hockey program. Teams will play more games, practice more and participate in more tournaments. As a result registration and team fees will be higher than the 'A' program. There will be a fee of $50 to $100.00 for tryouts depending on how many on ice tryouts the player attends. Registration fees will be approximately $600.00 and team fees will be approximately another $500.00. Fundraising can offset team fees. Registration for 'AA' is not held at Tuxedo. It is generally held at Roblin Park Community Center each year, typically the last week of August or the first few days in September.

WMHA Triple-A (AAA) Monarchs - Ages 13 to 17

WMHA 'AAA' hockey is the highest competitive level of hockey offered in Winnipeg for boys aged 13 to 17. There are only 4 teams in the city in each age category and teams may travel to other Manitoba districts to play. Like 'AA', teams will charge for tryouts and fees will be significantly higher. Registration is approximately $1000.00 and each team has an aggressive fundraising program for team expenses. Registration is usually held at the St. James Civic Centre one evening in Mid to late August each year.

Recreation (REC) Hockey - Ages 9 to 18

Any inquiries regarding this type of program along with all registration must be done with River Heights Community Centre directly as neither Tuxedo Community Centre nor the APHA have any affiliation or association with this program.

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