Karate / Self-Defense

Contact: Marlene Smith (452-2482 or marpat@mts.net)


Wednesday and Monday 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Saturday 10:00am - 12:00noon

A community club program operating twelve (12) months of the year as Southport Shotokan Karate Club. A well established, stable club, family oriented for men, women, boys, girls, parents, and children ages 5 - 95 years of age.

This program is taught by an experienced teacher and martial artist. Improve your mental concentration, muscle flexibility and coordination while participating in a challenging physical activity promoting fun, self-confidence, self-defense and, for those interested, competition against their peers.

Instructor is Marlene Smith:

  • Fifth Degree Black Belt, International Judge
  • member of the
    • ISKF Instructor Program
    • International Shotokan Karate Federation
    • Japan Karate Association - World Federation of Canada
    • Japan Karate Association - World Federation of Manitoba

Sessions commence September, January and April. Anyone can register at any time during the year with no restriction. All welcome.

Teens/Women's Self-Defense

Day and time by majority vote

This program runs all year in 8 week sessions, taught by a woman for teens and women. The instructor is an experience teacher and martial artist. This is a basic course developed to provide participants with an insight into physical and mental self-defense. A practical, hands on, common sense approach specifically designed for females and with no prior self-defense training.

Enrollment open to anyone age 14 years and up. NOTE: Minimum enrollment of 10 students.

368 Southport Boulevard    Winnipeg, Manitoba    R3P 0S9
(204) 888-8224 (recorded message)
(204) 896-0959 (preschool)
Contact us: info@tuxedocc.ca   preschool@tuxedocc.ca
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