Programming & Facilities Fee

The Tuxedo Community Centre ("TCC"0 Pff is being implemented by the TCC to increase programming and support for Tuxedo residents.  The TCC also wants to encourage all resident community families to become actively involved in the operation and success of our local community centre.  As a volunteer driven, community-based organization, the TCC is almost entirely dependent on volunteer participation to run effectively, not only at a minor sports team level but at a community and activities levels, therefore, we rely heavily on volunteers.  We recognize that not every family has the time, experience or capacity if they choose.  In lieu of volunteering, the PFF ensures the TCC has the required funding to allow programming positions to be filled which will in return drive sports programming as well as extra-curricular programming over time.

It is not the goal of TCC to use the PFF to generate profits (the TCC is owned by the City of Winnipeg); it is the goal of TCC to encourage community members to be involved in their community sports and programming experiences.  Any funds generated by the TCC from the PFF will be used in the day-to-day operation of TCC, with the primary purpose going towards sports/activities programming and coordination, in addition to spear-heading fundraising initiatives.

The PFF deposit is assessed at $200.00/per family.  The deposit will be paid when you sign your child up for one of the sports played out of the Tuxedo region.  Should you have more than one participant from your household in multiple sporting activities the $200/per family fee applies only once per year.  

Every resident of Tuxedo whose child plays a sport out of Tuxedo does have the ability to apply for a full or half PFF refund, subject to signing up to one of the TCC approved volunteer roles.  You must first pay your PFF in full, execute your volunteer position in full, then go to the TCC website and apply for the refund of the PFF.

PFF refunds are reviewed and approved monthly.  A physical cheque will be mailed to the residence of the household where the PFF refund request came from.

Volunteer Registration

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