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The safety of your children while they attend our programs at Tuxedo Preschool is very important to us. We have procedures in place to ensure your children are safe at all time. Our Educators are always available to talk to you about these procedures and any safety concerns you have.


  • Locked Doors during School Hours

All doors to the main preschool room upstairs and both doors to the basement downstairs are locked. They are open when the children arrive and then again when class is over. If you need to enter the playroom at any other time, please ring the doorbell or knock on the door. Please make every effort to arrive on time for the start of class so this locked door policy does not disrupt the children and staff.


  • Emergency Evacuation Plan & Lock Down Procedures

During Preschool the children will be learning about exit signs, emergency alarms and practicing safe evacuation procedures (EEP). If an evacuation is deemed necessary, our designated meeting place is the skate building at the West side of our lot. A note will be posted at the Tuxedo Preschool entrance stating where we are located, and families will be contacted to pick up their children. Please make sure all phone numbers are up to date and that any changes are brought to our attention immediately!


  • Volunteers are responsible for assisting during an Emergency Evacuation Procedure.

Their role is to assist in getting the children safely out of the building with a teacher. Volunteers will hold the exit door open. The children are led by the teacher, followed by the volunteer and joined last by the Director/Alternate. Everyone heads away from the building outside the fenced playground and if necessary we guide the children to the skate building at the west end of the parking lot.

  • Parking Lot
    The parking lot should be used solely for those attending programs or sports are Tuxedo Community Centre. As small
    children are often walking in the parking lot with their parents or guardians please drive with caution and watch for small children at all time.


  • Preschool Enhanced Safety Plan

This manual was developed to ensure the safety of children, families, staff and visitors to our Preschool. It establishes clear and concise policies and procedures for a variety of emergency situations. Please take a read through this document. 


We understand that some may have reservations about attending the Preschool. Rest assured, we are taking all necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure both the safety of your children as well as our staff.

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