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Snack Guidelines

Please read through the following information to ensure you are familiar with your responsibilities as a snack volunteer.  Be sure to enjoy your time in the classroom watching your child ‘learn, grow and play’.

  • For all programs, a Parent or Guardian is asked to sign up each session (Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, April-June) for two snack volunteer times.At the beginning of the year a sign-up sheet will be posted on the age appropriate bulletin board. Please remember to write on the sign-up sheet the details of the snack you are bringing.

  • In our 3’s and 4’s program, your child will be the ‘helper for the day’ by assisting with calendar time, leading the train, helping with snack as examples.

  • Snack volunteers are responsible for supplying a nutritious snack for the whole class, along with items needed to serve i.e. napkins, spoons, cups, etc

  • A Nutritious snack means

    • one selection from the vegetables and fruit group

    • one selection from any other food group (grain, milk and alternatives, meat and alternatives)

  • Allergy Policy
    Do not bring anything in to the pre-school that may contain peanuts&/nut products of any type

    • For those with severe food allergies, even the slightest trace of an allergic food can cause a life-threatening reaction.

    • Please read all labels of purchased products

    • Please leave all items in their original packaging. Any pre-packaged food that could potentially contain an allergen, and is brought in packaging other than original, will not be served. 

    • We are unable to serve snacks not in their original packaging

    • No bulk bin products are permitted.

    • Keep these guidelines in mind when on field trips, outings and special snack day’s i.e. family picnic.

  • If you are unable to stay and volunteer in the classroom on your snack day, it is very important that you still take a turn at supplying snack.We understand that sometimes schedules make it difficult to stay in the classroom but by supplying snack only, you will be contributing to the cost of snacks, as well as ensuring your child has his or her turn as our classroom helper.

  • Siblings in the Classroom
    Our 3’s and 4’s program is licensed for the children registered in the program and therefore we cannot allow siblings in the classroom on parent volunteer days.  Please make child care arrangements for siblings. 

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
    Volunteers are responsible for assisting during an Emergency Evacuation Procedure.  Their role is to assist in getting the children safely out of the building with the first teacher.  Volunteers will hold the exit door open. The children are led by the teacher, followed by the volunteer and joined last by the Director/Alternate. Everyone heads away from the building outside the fenced playground and if necessary we guide the children to the skate building at the west end of the parking lot.   

  • Birthday Treats

    • Please refrain from bringing any kind of treats for birthday treats

    • Our staff recognize birthdays with special stickers and singing of ‘Happy Birthday’

  • Hot Beverage/Coffee Policy
    It is extremely important that our parents help by following regulation, section 14(7) which states… A licensee shall not permit the drinking of hot beverages by adults in areas in the licensee’s child care facility in which children are present.  The regulation is intended to prevent children from receiving serious burns.  Therefore, I remind all parents to leave their coffee outside the classroom regardless if it seems to have already cooled. I would suggest you leave the coffee cup in your vehicle or finish them before pick up time.

  • Cell Phones
    Please refrain from using cell phones when volunteering in our classroom.  Cell phones should be left in a purse or pocket until class time has ended.  If you need to check your phone during class, please remove yourself from the playroom.  This will ensure parents are available to the children and teachers when needed. This will also ensure the confidentiality and privacy of children, staff and activities taking place in the classroom.

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