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Convenor Needed - All Registrations will be forwarded to WSYSA

Softball will no longer be offered or played out of Tuxedo unless a Tuxedo resident volunteers as a Board Rep for the program. Please contact for details if you are interested in assisting with the softball program.

Please register through the Central Corydon CC online registration at . No games or teams will be formed out of the Tuxedo or CCC area.

FEE SUBSIDY PROGRAM - The General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC) – Community Centre Program Registration Fee Subsidy

This program is designed to assist those children/youth who would not otherwise be able to participate in Community Centre activities. This grant is available to Community Centres. The applications are available through your Sport Convenor. See Page 10 of the 'Everyone Can Play' guide for eligibility.


General Information

Softball programs will be offered for boys and girls ages 5 - 7 and for girls only leagues ages 8 - 19. Some age groups may be combined with other community centres to form teams if there are not enough registrants. Tuxedo CC is part of the Winnipeg Southwest Youth Softball Association. Below is a link to the league website for all information related to the upcoming season.
Winnipeg Southwest Youth Softball Association

Girls leagues, starting at age 8 will include one home and one away game each week with practices to be determined by coaches. There is the opportunity for tournaments in addition to league play and the season culminates at the end of June with a league playoff weekend.



Umpiring softball can be an enjoyable and financially rewarding job for young boys and girls in the community. Umpires are paid $35.00/game and may work several games a week. For more information, go to for clinic details. Home community centres often cover the cost of the clinic.



A successful season relies on parent participation. Please consider volunteering as a coach/assistant or manager when registering your child (no experience necessary, there are many clinics and resources available).


Governing Body

200 MAIN ST.

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