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Martial Arts Class

the instructor

Sensi Kohinski

  • Kohinski is a retired military veteran with over 20 years of practicing Shotokan Karate.

  • National rank of Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt). 

  • Level D judging qualification with ISKF and is a member of ISKF Manitoba provincial governing board of directors. 


Tuxedo Shotokan Karate Club

The club is family oriented and strongly encourages families to train together. Classes run throughout the year and are an excellent form of fitness, allowing you to progress through the different levels at your own pace. The club is registered International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF), and we follow their training and testing standards rules. All progression and ranks achieved through the club are registered internationally.


Interested individuals are encouraged to attend three free classes to determine their interest before making a financial commitment. A Gi (karate uniform) must be purchased before testing.

Everyone is welcome, ages 6 years of age and older.  The rates are reasonable, and family-friendly.

Start building confidence, and enjoy yourself with our karate classes.  For more information please contact Gary Kohinski at or Dave Treanor for more information or to register. 

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