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3 Year Old Program 

Cost $707

Tuesday & Thursday AM (9:15 - 11:15)

Cost $340

  • Ms (Christina)Tompkins & Ms Liz lead the program and both have been working at the Tuxedo Preschool for many years and working in Early Childhood Education their entire careers

  • We are a 34 week theme based program, licensed for a maximum of 20 children who attend either in the morning or afternoon twice a week.

  • Parent involvement is welcome through a daily sign up sheet (see our Parents section for more details)

  • Our Educators are always available to talk to you about your child’s specific needs and how they can help.

  • There is a mix of teacher directed activities such as group time, craft time and story time and child directed activities

  • We have centres filled with age appropriate toys and equipment for your child to explore, enhancing their natural curiosity and imagination.

  • Your child will be given the opportunity to learn concepts, gain knowledge, explore, practice motor skills, practice listening skills, etc..

  • During free play times Ms Tompkins and Ms Liz will be interacting and observing your child, learning about their interests

  • This balanced program fosters the development of the whole child. Our Educators believe in the individual uniqueness of your child and the importance of building confidence and self-esteem.

  • The children will have opportunity to enjoy the fenced in Little Tykes play structure, weather permitting

  • Occasionally the group will utilize the lower level as a change of location for large muscle activities.

  • Your child must be three by the end of the registration year. 

  • You child must be in the process of toilet training.

  • For more detail see our Curriculum Statement

  • Please review our Parents section for policies.

Our Preschool is located in the tranquil neighbourhood of Tuxedo and serves communities including River Heights, St. James, Westwood, Lindenwoods, Whyte Ridge and more.


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