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UPDATED - June 23-2020


To our Players, Coaches and Families

Tuxedo Community Centre is pleased to announce that registration for a modified 2020 outdoor soccer season is now open. Families of players wishing to participate in recreational soccer with their local Community Centre are now able to register the outdoor soccer season, which is expected to start shortly. This email includes information about the season format and registration. Please read carefully.


Revised 2020 Outdoor Soccer Season

The revised 2020 Outdoor Soccer Season will follow a format that has been approved by Canada Soccer, Manitoba Soccer, Sport Manitoba, and our Provincial Health Authorities. The approved Return-to-Participate Plan includes guidelines and recommendations that are intended to keep our players, coaches, volunteers, their families and the community safe and healthy. You may review the Manitoba Soccer Plan in greater detail by visiting our Winnipeg South End United (WSEU) District website.  MSA Return to Participation Protocol


A return to soccer activities will be organized around a three-stage process;

o   Stage 1 - starts with non-contact training that maintains physical distancing,

o   Stage 2 - moves to limited-contact training that allows for opposition in drills, and 

o   Stage 3 – allows for return to more regular training and recreational league competition.

The planned schedule anticipates a return to competitive games for U09/18 starting July 13th with 1 – 2 scheduled exhibition games, followed by an official start to the recreational league schedule on July 20th.

The District Community Centres are working closely with the WSEU District to organize player registration and form teams for recreational league play. League play will include an in-district league schedule for ages U09/12 organized by the WSEU District and city-wide league schedule organized by the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) for ages U12/18. A planned league schedule is being created that includes;

o   10-week season, starting July 20th and ending by September 27th with 12 games (i.e. all ages)

o   Games scheduled for week-day evenings (Mon – Thu) until daylight hours become an issue in September, when games will also be scheduled on the weekend (emphasis on Sundays).

o   Simplified playoff round the last weekend of the outdoor season for the U13/18 ages.

There will unfortunately be no city-wide jamboree at the end of the season for the younger U09/12 ages due to the current situation.

Recognize that moving forward with this three-stage plan requires approval from our Regional Health Authorities at the start of each stage. Approval has been obtained for the start of Stage 1 and we anticipate that continued favourable conditions in Manitoba will allow us to move forward with Stage 2 and a Stage 3 return to league play on July 20th.


Registration Details

Tuxedo Community Centre has worked closely with the WSEU District and the other District Community Centres to organize registration for the recreational outdoor season. The registration link below will direct you to a centralized online registration site for Community Centre soccer registration that was prepared by the WSEU District for the Community Centres.

Registration fees for a revised 2020 outdoor season have been adjusted to reflect the modified outdoor season. Fees for 2020 outdoor Community Centre soccer have been set as follows;

o   U09/12                 $155.00

o   U13/18                 $180.00

Registration fees include a $25 assessment for your Community Centre, along with a $45 fee to cover Community Centre costs for delivering the soccer program. The registration fee also includes costs incurred by the WSEU District and WYSA for organization of league play, referees, field marking, field maintenance and insurance, along with assessments from Canada Soccer and Manitoba Soccer, who are responsible for sanctioning soccer in Canada and Manitoba. Every organization has reduced its fees in 2020 to recognize the unusual circumstances and encourage participation by our families.

Please read and follow the instructions provided on the registration site carefully. Registration and payment are required for your child to be placed on a Community Centre soccer team. Contact the WSEU District Office Manager at 204-452-8020 or if you require additional information or have any problems with the online registration website.

Registration will be open until midnight on Friday, June 26th.

Registration Link:

NOTE:   If you registered with your Community Centre for outdoor soccer in March 2020 and did not receive a refund from your Community Centre, you are not required to re-register for the 2020 outdoor season. You will be contacted by your Community Centre soccer convener or Community Centre staff to confirm your outdoor registration.


Coaches and Volunteers

Community Centre soccer requires volunteers to coach and help organize soccer for our youth. Please contact your Community Centre if you are available to volunteer for the 2020 outdoor season. Coaches will be provided with more detailed information on how to implement health and safety measures required under the Return-to-Participate Plan, along with information and training plans to assist them with organizing training under Stages 1 and 2.

NOTE:   Coaches are required to have a valid background check and complete online Respect-in-Sport and Concussion Protocol training prior to coaching. These requirements are intended to support a safe, enjoyable and healthy environment for our youth players and families.

Please contact the WSEU District Office at 204-452-8020 or to verify your coaching information and ensure that that these requirements are met.


Contacting Your Community Centre

Please contact Tuxedo Community Centre if you have any questions. You may contact us at

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